Quantitative Methods II [G, x2]

(with Francisco Garfias and Jen Burney) The course is the first code intensive class that students encounter in the MIA/MPP program. It introduces linear models for policy analysis using Stata and R. My most recent teaching evaluation is here.

Teaching evaluation for Winter 2018 here.
Teaching evaluation for Winter 2019 here.

Lab Schedule:
Lab 1: Introduction to Stata
Lab 2: Introduction to Regression
Lab 3: Data Management: Loops, Merge, etc. [in-class exercise]
Lab 4: Variable Transformation [supplemental materials; data; code]
Lab 5: Marginal Effects [supplemental materials]
Lab 6: Interaction in Linear Models
Lab 7: Multilevel Modeling [supplemental materials]
Lab 8: (F)GLS [supplemental materials]
Lab 9: Overview of the Final Project
Lab 10: Final Review [supplemental materials]