Here is my teaching record; I am currently holding (or have held) teaching positions at UC San Diego (CA), Wabash College (IN), and East China Normal University (Shanghai).

Recitation Section Leader (Graduate Course)
• Quantitative Methods III (w/ Craig McIntosh). Teaching Evaluation; Course Website.
• Quantitative Methods II (w/ Jen Burney). Teaching EvaluationCourse Website.
• Quantitative Methods I (w/ Teevrat Garg, x2). Teaching EvaluationCourse Website.
• Quantitative Methods — Bootcamp. Teaching evaluation; Course Website.

Recitation Section Leader (Undergraduate Course)
• Social Data Analytics (w/ Molly Roberts). Teaching EvaluationCourse Website.
• Political Analysis (w/ Scott Desposato). Teaching EvaluationCourse Website.

Teaching Assistant
East Asian Political Thoughts (w/ Victor Magagna), Summer 2018
• Food Politics in a Global Economy (w/ Megumi Naoi), Winter 2018
• Russian-American Relations (w/ Phil Roeder), Spring 2017
• Research Design and Methods (w/ Matt Wells, Wabash College), Fall 2015
• International Relations (w/ Michael Burch, Wabash College), Spring 2015

Additional Resources
• Notes on GLS: here
• Notes on hypothesis testing: here
• Notes on asymptotic distribution theory: here
• Notes on instruments: here
• Notes on GMM: here