Social Data Analytics

I am the recitation leader for Econ 5D/Poli 5D: Social Data Analytics (Winter 2017) in the Department of Political Science at the University of California, San Diego (CA). The course applies probability and statistical analysis for understanding data in the social world. Students engage in hands-on learning with applied social science problems. We cover the basics of probability, data visualization, data collection and management, hypothesis testing, and computation (with Excel, Stata, and R). Teaching evaluation available here.

Introduction to R (updated 9/19/2016)
Section 1 (Variable, and Intro to Excel)
Section 2 (Sampling, and Functions in Excel)
Section 3 (Wrapping up Excel, and Intro to Stata)
Section 4 (Cleaning and Visualization using Stata)
Section 5 (Regression using Stata)
Section 6 (Introduction to R)
Section 7 (Data Subsetting and Visualization using R)
Section 8 (Loops using R; for loop code here)
Section 9 (Regression and Function using R)
Section 10 (Wrapping it up)

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