Quantitative Methods II

I am the recitation leader for GPCO 454: Quantitative Methods II (Linear Models) in the Graduate School of Global Policy and Strategy at the University of California, San Diego (CA). This class is the first code intensive course that students encounter in the program, introduces the theory and application of linear models for policy analysis. Students learn the underlying mathematical formalism, basic data management and coding skills, and appropriate interpretation and presentation of the econometric results. Teaching evaluation available here.

Lab 1: Introduction to Stata; Effective Presentation
Lab 2: How to Use Online Resources for Stata
Lab 3: Simple Regression and Multiple Regression
Lab 4: Transformation
Lab 5: Marginal Effects
Lab 6: (a) Linear Algebra; (b) Review of Problem Sets
Lab 7: Multilevel Modeling
Lab 8: (F)GLS
Lab 9: Review of Problem Sets
Lab 10: Final Review (Notes on Linear Model)

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