Quantitative Methods I

I am the recitation section leader for GPCO 453: Quantitative Methods I (Fall 2018) in the Graduate School of Global Policy and Strategy at the University of California, San Diego (CA). The course provides students with proficient quantitative methods that are used for optimization and decision making. Statistical theory and regression analysis are introduced. My teaching evaluation for the Fall 2017 iteration is available here.

New: For Fall 2018, my office hours are M/Tu 8-920 AM in Social Science Building 332. General questions should be posted on the TritonEd discussion forum.

Section 1 (A recap of basic probability)
Section 2 (Time preferences)
Section 3 (Exploratory data analysis)
Section 4 (Probability theory I; solutions)
Workshop (Independence and Mutual Exclusivity)
Section 5 (Probability theory II)
Section 6 (Midterm review)
Section 7 (Samples)
Section 8 (Hypothesis testing)
Section 9 (Hypothesis testing II; additional notes on comparing two means)
Section 10 (Hypothesis testing III: chi-square distribution and F distribution)
Final review session (A recap of hypothesis testing)

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