Quantitative Methods III

I am the recitation leader for GPEC 446: Quantitative Methods III (Spring 2018) in the Graduate School of Global Policy and Strategy at the University of California, San Diego (CA). The course teaches students how to evaluate quantitative information in business, policy, and economic contexts, and to make sound decisions in complex situations. The course covers causal inference, panel data analysis, and times series analysis. Teaching evaluation coming soon.

Lab 1: Endogeneity (notes)
Lab 2: Binary Choice Model (notes; slides)
Lab 3: Binary Choice Model, continued
Lab 4: Instrumental Variable (in-class exercise)
Lab 5: Time Series, I (script)
Lab 6: Time Series, II (script)
Lab 7: Panel Data Analysis, I (scriptbetween estimatorinterpretation of ρ)
Lab 8: Panel Data Analysis, II (scriptinterpretation of intercept)
Lab 9: Open Agenda
Lab 10: Final Exam Review