Political Analysis

I am the recitation leader for Poli 30D: Political Analysis (Fall 2016) in the Department of Political Science at the University of California, San Diego (CA). Introduction to the logic of inference in social science and to quantitative analysis in political science and public policy including research design, data collection, data description and computer graphics, and the logic of statistical inference (including linear regression). Teaching evaluation available here.

Section 1 (Hypothesis)
Section 2 (SPSS Lab: Introduction)
Section 3 (Variable)
Section 4 (Research Design: Building Blocks)
Section 5 (Research Design: Application)
Section 6 (Simple regression; group exercise here)
Section 7 (SPSS Lab: Application; code for Congress and ANES)
Section 8 (Normal distribution; confidence interval)
Section 9 (Hypothesis testing; Chi Distribution; and Qualitative Methods)

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