Emulate ggplot using plot(): logit regression

I find using ggplot for logistic regression confusing, and I’ve already spent quite some time coding my own template for logit regression in the past, so here’s a quick “fix” to make your simple plots produced by plot() emulate ggplot!

Why would one bother to do this?

Because whoever doesn’t think iris blue (#00BFC4) is pretty has a problem.

The coral-ish color can be defined by col=rgb(248/256, 118/256, 109/256), and the iris blue can be defined by col=rgb(0, 191/256, 196/256).

The figure below was generated by (1) first plotting the raw data of response variable and its covariates while suppressing all labels (specifically, “ann” and “axes”), and (2) then adding the logit plot to the original one using “par(new=TRUE)”

Maybe it saves more time if I just spend ten minutes reading ggplot’s grammar while plotting logit regression…


Figure: Emulating ggplot using plot()

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.40.37 PM


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